Facebook campaign convinces soda giant to bring back nostalgic 90s soft-drink

In 1997, Coca-Cola launched Surge, a high-caffeine citrus soda meant as a competitor to Pepsi’s market-dominating Mountain Dew. Though successful in its day and fondly remembered by children of the 90s thanks to an famously-aggressive ad campaign; the soft-drink (which actually had slightly less caffeine than Dew) was hit hard in the early-2000s backlash against “over-stimulating” sodas being marketed to kids and was effectively discontinued around 2002.

But thanks in part to the efforts of a long-running Facebook campaign urging a revival of the brand, Coca-Cola today announced that Surge is coming back – as a specialty item currently available exclusively through Amazon.

The so-called “re-SURGE-ance” marks the first time that Coca-Cola has released an item exclusively through e-commerce. The item was reported to have sold out within four hours of the initial announcement.

Source: Business Week

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