Break the (fourth) wall down.

Interceptor Entertainment has teamed up with 3D Realms to crowdfund Rad Rodgers, a 90’s-inspired, foul-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking platformer that draws influence from the likes of Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Conker, and more. The Kickstarter campaign is going strong, raising $47,229 of its $50,000 goal as of the time of this writing with nine days remaining. Quotes from the campaign page show praise from the likes of John Romero, Brenda Romero, Cliff Bleszinski, and Mark Rein.

Rad Rodgers will follow the twelve year old titular protagonist and his sentient last-gen console, Dusty, as they’re sucked into Rad’s television and begin their own video game adventure.

“I grew up during the platformer’s glory days, with Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Castlevania, and Earthworm Jim,” said Creative Director Frederik Schreiber. “Back then a new platformer came out every month, each with different fun characters and twists. But now the genre is mostly abandoned, with rare standouts like Braid, and the puzzle-focused Limbo.”

“Apogee used to rule the top ten PC shareware and sales charts in the early 90’s with our platformer releases, like Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Cosmo, and a dozen others,” says Scott Miller, Founder of Apogee and 3D Realms. “The idea of developing a similar style game with today’s tech is extremely appealing to me. So while the Apogee brand is under completely new management, we can still involve key talent at 3D Realms to co-produce Rad Rodgers, and give Interceptor the right design guidance to ensure that the game lives up to the high standards of the platformers’ golden era.”

The campaign closes on October 6 and will enter beta testing shortly after.

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