Season 9 of Doctor Who concluded on Saturday with The Doctor finally getting a new sonic screwdriver after being without one the whole season. Here’s a closer look at it.

It took three parts to conclude Season 9 of Doctor Who, but after a companion “death,” a prison break, and the “election” of a new president, this season is in the books – sans the upcoming Christmas Special. But not before Peter Capaldi got himself a new sonic screwdriver after giving his away at the beginning of the season.

For those who haven’t kept up (Spoilers ahead), Capaldi gave his screwdriver to a young Davros in The Magician’s Apprentice. To replace it, he started using “sonic” sunglasses for his special projects. However, at the end of Saturday’s finale, Capaldi follows companion Clara Oswald’s advice to “be The Doctor” again, donning his purple coat and getting a new screwdriver from his TARDIS.

BBC America revealed some more details about The Doctor’s new gadget, including a closeup, some specs, and Capaldi himself explaining why he likes the new one. This one is a bit larger than the previous ones, and sports a bit of a TARDIS look to it. While Capaldi’s version of The Doctor has brought some changes (i.e. the shades and an electric guitar), it is nice to see one of the show’s original concepts making a return again. Now we’ll see where season 10 will take us and how The Doctor survives post-Clara.

Source: Doctor Who Tumblr, via io9

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