Let’s just say we’d like to avoid any Time Lord entanglements.

Rick Kelvington’s website summarizes itself pretty succinctly with the catchphrase, “Mashups…it’s what we do!” Many of his videos feature Doctor Who set against a variety of science-fiction franchises, but this one stands out above the rest. Kelvington has intercut scenes from the new seasons of Doctor Who against the original Star Wars trilogy, and the result is pretty fun.

Highlights of the video include R2-D2 broadcasting Christopher Eccleston’s emergency program 1, David Tennant bemoaning, “I don’t want to go,” just before he’s frozen in carbonite, and Darth Vader identifying himself as The Master to a horrified Matt Smith.

Stick through the credits for some flailing Tennant and C-3PO, and a holographic family reunion of sorts.

Source: Kelvington.com, via Topless Robot

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