A New Community Manager and a New Code of Conduct

Dr. Nick

Hi, everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!)

I’m Schuyler Dievendorf, and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and let you all know that as of now, I will be acting as Community Manager here at The Escapist. I started life in this industry as a Game Master for Pirates of the Burning Sea and Wizard 101. Since then, I’ve been Series Producer for such shows as Loading Ready Run, No Right Answer and The Big Picture, as well as bringing you such classic galleries as 8 Games From EA That Don’t Suck. Now I’m coming to you in the role of Community Manager for The Escapist. Our interim Community Manager, Janelle Bonanno, has moved into a new role, so please be sure to direct any community-related PMs to me going forward. Most of the rules, in the Code of Conduct, as you know them are going to remain in place, but we’re clarifying some of the rules to clear up any confusion and further defining trolling so as a group we can go forward with a little less confusion about the rules.

If you want to keep up with the comings and goings of The Escapist, keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ pages. Be prepared for occasional streaming with our more than talented crew on

Welcome to 2014, where we’ll collectively make The Escapist forums the happiest place on Earth.

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