A New Friend

Has Bev and I walk along the road away for Bevelle, I find myself thinking of what is to come and it scares me, how little I know of Spira and how much I must see now. The pain Spira must see, I know that I can stop it.
“What?” I said
“There is someone in the water over there!”
So we ran to see what had happen, and then we saw, him. I ran up to him, he wasn’t breathing. Beverly worked quick to heal him.
“What happened to me” He said with a weak voice.
“We just found you here in the water” Bev said with a bit of sarcasm.
“Forgive me, I am Sommoner Akima” I said
“I am Tc, warrior and Gunner.”
I couldn’t help but stare he was so cute, he seemed as though he were looking for someone or something, lost maybe. And then I remember the man I saw at the temple, looking for me. It was him.
“I was looking for you Lady Akima, Where are you headed?” He asked with great concern.
“We’re on a our way to Besaid.” Bev said without thought.
“Well I’m would like to join you, if I my?” He said with a gentle voice.
“I would enjoy that.” I said with a smile.

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