Sweet Dreams Chapter 1

“You can’t win, I won’t let you” said the soft familiar voice of my mother
“I’ll win, kill you and that little girl along with you. The time has come for you tell me, what is the power you seem to have?”
“You can’t kill them, you need them, my daughter and wife are the only things that will give you what you want, the power you crave, but you’ll have to go threw me first!” my father said with a look that could kill.
And with all the power of his being he summoned the most powerful aeon I’d ever seen. With one second pasted they there gone. Alone was all that I could think.
Five years later I find myself here in the same place. All I can think of is him the one who killed them, killed my parents.
“Akima!!, there you are I’ve been looking for you.”
“Oh Hey Bev, sorry I was just thinking for that night again ” I said.
“Akima, you got to stop thinking about that, its over” she said.
“I can’t he murdered my folks, my mother, my father, the only things I had.”
“I know but still that was five years ago your 16 now and becoming a summoner
you can’t let it get to you. You’ll find him. Don’t worry about it, ok”
“OK, lets go I’ve got to get to the temple.” I said.

So we went to the temple so I could start to pray to the fayth. I was so scared, but knowing that I wasn’t alone I had her, my best friend, my guardian, Beverly. Praying to the fayth was…well long and tiring. I never felt so tired in my life. When I came out I felt, strong. I had done it I was a summoner. I was following in my mothers footsteps and I knew she was proud. I had become a summoner.

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