A Not-So-Welcoming (PlayStation) Home


In Playstation Home, one is definitely the loneliest number.

All Jonathan Glover wanted to do was play the echochrome arcade game he’d heard was in the bowling alley in PlayStation Home. That was all. But upon creating his character – a “hulking, disfigured John Tesh lookalike” – and venturing out into the frightening space of Home, he found himself a stranger in a strange land, as he relates in Issue 214 of The Escapist:

>whats matter, you got dick in yo mouth?

Totally. In fact, I have an entire bag of dicks in there.

That’s how the conversation would have gone if I had known how to type back. Instead, I sat there, a malformed mute, and took my verbal flogging. Anyway, he was right. I did look like John Tesh. How he was familiar enough with the TV-personality-turned-musician’s appearance to make that judgment was anyone’s guess. In the meantime, all I could do was glare at blunt_killa7329 in silence and move on.

After finally getting to play echochrome, encountering an amorous e-couple, and feeling like a virtual blow-up punching bag, Glover comes to a realization: You won’t find much of a warm reaction in Home unless you seek it out yourself – and even then it’s iffy. Read the full story “Home Alone,” in Issue 214 of The Escapist.

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