You are a speaker for lost worlds. Try to tell their tale.

“You are a speaker for lost worlds,” says Ichiro Lambe, as he tries to describe Dejobaan Games’ latest, Elegy for a Dead World. “You investigate 3 long-dead civilizations. You report on who they were, what they did, and how they died.” Your thoughts, deductions, poems and other musings are recorded in your journal, which then gets sent to Homeworld – the Steam Workshop – for others to critique. “There’s no game to play,” says Lambe, “you go through the world, observe, and make notes.”

It doesn’t sound a million miles away from thechineseroom’s Dear Esther. The three worlds you’ll explore are based on the works of Byron, Shelly and Keats; it’s no accident that the trailer begins with “they sent a poet.” This is something Lambe in particular has wanted to work on for a while, and he managed to get the rest of the team invested in it. Or, as Lambe puts it, “small, interesting experimental project + people intrigued by it = something to go for!”

This one will be on Mac and PC, via Steam, but as for when that might happen, your guess is as good as mine. Probably a good idea to pay attention to Dejobaan’s website, for future updates, if you want to learn more.

Source: Indie Games

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