About 25% of Americans Don’t Know the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

Science: Earth revolves around the Sun

Does the Earth go around the Sun or does the Sun go around the Earth? And while we are at it, do antibiotics kill viruses?

Do you know the answers to the above science questions? Apparently many Americans don’t. About 1 in 4 people tested in a recent survey conducted by the National Science Foundation think the Sun revolves around the Earth. It looks like most of these folks are still living in the educational Dark Ages.

Lest you think the sample size was too small, 2,200 people were asked 10 science questions, and the average result was 6.5 correct, according to the poll released on Friday, and reported by So the number or respondents was fairly substantial to pull numbers from. Other science questions that received mixed responses:

  • Did the universe begin with a huge explosion? Only 39% answered yes correctly.
  • Did human beings, as we know them today, develop from earlier species of animals? Only 48% correctly said yes.
  • Do antibiotics kill viruses? Only 51% correctly answered no.

There is hope, however, as most Americans really like science and seem to hold scientists in high regard. But then the results seem to indicate that while they may like science, they may not necessarily read enough about it.

Source: via NPR

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