This week’s video was Seth McDebit: Combat Accountant, a parody movie trailer for a film that will hopefully never, ever come to life.

As you might have been able to tell from the credits, the script wasn’t a LRR creation, rather it was sent to us by one Timothy Jablonski. I can’t speak to what Timothy was thinking when he wrote the script, but I really hope we did it justice. In order to make this really seem like a real movie trailer feel we used a few different tricks. First of all, we had Bradley Rains create a custom score to make sure the music and sounds fit perfectly, yet still had that familiar “I’ve heard this kind of song before” feeling. To make it seem more movie-like visually, Graham added to by using plenty of dolly shots and then pumped up the Michael Bay colours (aka, teal and orange) during post-production.

As a bonus, our good friend Johnny Blakeborough was with us that day and took some behind-the-scenes photos!


  • The introspective bench scene was filmed at Beacon Hill Park, in downtown Victoria. You can’t see this from the finished product, but some dude in a van watched us the ENTIRE time we were filming. I secretly christened the van the Creepmobile.
  • Matt’s fight scenes are a scene-for-scene remake of the David Vanderpunch scenes from our older video MEN, right down to the casting. We had more people around, but it was Jer in almost every scene the first time, so Jer was in almost every scene this time too.
  • Alex is wearing fake tattoo sleeves to make him look tough. Which was great, but you couldn’t tell at all. You can see them much more clearly in the Loading Time video.

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