The forth game in the Ace Attorney saga will finally join the main series trilogy on mobile in December.

The Ace Attorney series are known as “visual novels,” games that are a lot less game-y and more about experiencing a story. Yeah, there’s some point-and-click adventure stuff to them, but most of the puzzles are logic-based and about presenting the right arguments. While the series started out on 3DS, android and iOS ports of the original trilogy have been available for quite some time now. Now, the forth game in the series: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice.

The game will launch on the Apple App store on December 1, and a few days later on Android on December 8. For the smartphone and tablet version of the game, Capcom has optimized the UI and graphics to take advantage of the superior resolutions and aspect ratios available with these current devices. Additionally, the smartphone game will offer full English and Japanese language support.

Ace Attorney is a great series, and while the mobile ports are still two games behind the main series, it is something that lends itself to smartphones quite well. If you’ve never played them due to not having a 3DS, it’s never been a better time to pick them up!

Capcom did not note pricing on the game. For previous games, the first episode is free, and episodes 2-5 cost $4.99 each. Alternatively, you can purchase the full game for $14.99.

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