ACE Team Wants Zeno Clash 2 on Consoles


Zeno Clash developer ACE Team has ambitious plans for the follow-up to the indie hit, saying it wants the game to “go retail on the consoles.”

ACE Team has already revealed that it’s taking an open-ended, non-linear approach to Zeno Clash 2, rather than the step-by-step progression of combat sequences that made up the original. The unique aesthetic of the first game will be maintained, however, and Andres Bordeu, co-founder of the Chilean studio responsible for the game, said the sequel will be “what we would have liked to do in Zeno Clash if we would have had the resources.”

“Many games offer you the possibility to roam around freely, which is a great feature. But when you travel through those worlds many have very familiar and recognizable environments. In Zeno Clash the woods don’t look like a regular forest with green trees and bushes,” he said. “In Zeno Clash the cities are just plain insane. I think it will be extremely entertaining to explore a world where you a never quite sure what you will encounter next.”

ACE Team’s ambitions go beyond just the environment of the game, however. Zeno Clash was a success for the studio as a digital-only indie release but Bordeu said the team had much bigger things in mind for the sequel. “The sequel will be developed from a different perspective than the first title,” he said. “Zeno Clash is a short indie game, whereas with Zeno Clash 2 we want to build a larger title; a game that’s big enough to go retail on the consoles.”

Source: That VideoGame Blog

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