Korean developer AcroGames has licensed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 for an unannounced project, the company said today.

The new development studio, based in Seoul, is built around a core of team members who have worked on well-known games such as the Unreal Engine 2-powered Lineage II from NCsoft, and the Magna Carta series from Softmax.

“We are very satisfied to be working with Unreal Engine 3,” said AcroGames CEO Hyun Tae Jeong. “We have had positive experiences making games with previous releases of Epic’s engine and are finding that Unreal Engine 3 is extremely flexible and quite capable of meeting our development needs.”

Epic Vice President Jay Wilbur commented, “AcroGames is a promising team comprised of top talent and we look forward to working with them. We are committed to supporting the Asian game market with best of breed development tools, and our agreement with AcroGames marks a significant achievement in this effort.”

Lineage II is a popular Korean MMOG that launched in October 2003, while the two Magna Carta games, The Phantom of Avalanche and Crimson Stigmata, are stand-alone RPGs that have nothing to do with the actual Magna Carta.

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