Get out your wallets, comic book nerds: An unrestored copy of the very first issue of Action Comics is up for auction and it can be yours – for a (very hefty) price.

The book goes on sale at noon EST today at Comic Connect, a website that describes itself as “an alternative to consignment websites, auction houses and ‘feeBay’.” This particular issue is unusual, according to Comic Connect owner Stephen Fishler, because it is completely original. “Of the 100 existing copies, 80 percent have been restored, but people want an untouched copy,” he said. “It’s the Holy Grail of comic books.”

And how much can you expect to lay out for this piece of history? Let’s put it this way: You could buy Action Comics No. 1, or you could buy a nice house, or matching “his-and-hers” Lamborghini Gallardos. No minimum price has been set but Fishler predicted it would go for around $400,000 and sales associate Bill Peterson said he’s seen Action Comics climb as high as $750,000. Widely recognized as the most valuable comic book in the world, Action Comics No. 1 was the first “superhero comic” and introduced well-known DC Comics stalwarts like Zatara, Tex Thompson and Lois Lane.

Even with the economy in the toilet, Fishler said he expects the book to sell for a good price, noting that people who can afford this kind of thing “would ordinarily put money into the stock market. But that’s a shaky proposition.” Comics, on the other hand? Can’t lose. Got a few hundred large burning a hole in your pocket? The fun starts here.

Source: CNN

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