In the wild west, Star Wars characters become blacksmiths, bartenders, and corrupt sheriffs.

One of the most popular projects for artists these days is to reimagine Star Wars in a different setting. Thankfully, it doesn’t really get old. From Sillof, the creator of the Steampunk Star Wars action figures, comes a look at the property as if it were a western.

C-3PO becomes Clarence Peppero, a talkative bartender that’s quick to dive behind the bar when trouble gets near. R2-D2 becomes Ransen “Rusty” D. Dalton, the cantankerous town blacksmith.

Luke is basically the same guy, but he carries a six-shooter and wears a cowboy hat. The sword-wielding “Old” Bennet Kennelly was driven into hiding when his deputy turned on him. That deputy was probably Akan “Death” Vardas, a corrupt sheriff that works for evil railroad tycoons.

Han Solo is Hank “Solo” Solomon, a quick draw bandit that spends his days with Chewing Bear, a Native American that wears bear pelts. And it just wouldn’t be the wild west without a bounty hunter, whose place is taken by Bob A. Ford.

Sillof created the line based on the idea that the original Star Wars trilogy takes a lot of inspiration from the wild west. These figures bring the characters back to their western roots. His entire website is definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already absorbed its goodness, and he told us that his upcoming figure lines are some of the best he’s ever done. I can’t wait.

Source: Sillof, via io9

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