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Want to uncover even more Super Mario Maker secrets? Learn how to play a returning favorite minigame from Mario Paint, or unlock CRT Mode and skip the amiibo requirement with a cheat code. See all that and more in our quick overview of Mario Maker extras.

Mario Maker is all about unleashing your creativity on an unsuspecting world. Whether that means trying to replicate the fun levels of your youth or building monstrous abominations only the most masochistic would dare complete. There’s plenty of room for experimentation, and messing around with the many features, items and enemies available can provide unexpected results. Get to know some of Super Mario Maker’s secrets with a little help from The Escapist.

Mini-games, Extra Modes & Bonus Levels

Super Mario Maker is full of secrets, cheats, and unlockable levels. Learn more in each section below.

Fly Swatter Minigame

Making its Mario Paint comeback, the Fly Swatter minigame can be playing in Mario Maker. Instead of a mouse, you’ll need to use the stylus and gamepad touchscreen.

  • Fly Swatter Minigame: In Level Creation, tap all three flies that randomly appear on the screen.

Even the big bad metal fly boss is back.

Extra Modes

Originally thought to be a Mario Maker amiibo exclusive, CRT Mode is unlockable for everyone. Press [B+A] while holding down on the D-pad during a level’s loading screen.

  • CRT Mode: While on Level Loading Screen; Directional Pad Down [Hold] – B+A

For a tougher version of the 100 Mario Challenge where you’ll get all those grueling Kaizo-inspired levels, simply complete the 100 Mario Challenge on Easy and Normal.

  • 100 Mario Challenge Expert Mode: Complete Easy and Normal 100 Mario Challenge.

Bonus Levels

Nintendo World Championships returned in 2015 where competitors faced Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, and others. Several unique levels were produced especially for the event in Super Mario Maker — now everyone can enjoy those stages.

  • Nintendo World Championship 2015 Levels: Finish the 10 Mario Challenges 7 times.

Extra Items

After unlocking the championship levels, you get a unique reward for finishing them. The Weird Mushroom becomes available in the Level Creation menu.

  • Weird Mushroom: Finish the Nintendo World Championship levels.

Weird Mushrooms are only available in the Super Mario Bros. level palette. Take a Super Mushroom and shake it to get one.

Amiibo Costumes

Most players already figured this one out, but it’s possible to get every extra amiibo character in Mario Maker.

  • Bonus Amiibo Characters: One is randomly unlocked after completing a 100 Mario Challenge.

Complete enough 100 Mario Challenge rounds to unlock every amiibo costume. Or if you’re impatient, just use your amiibo collection.

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Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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