Activision Announces Next Month’s DLC For Guitar Hero 5


Activision has announced the downloadable music selections scheduled for a September release for its latest rhythm title, Guitar Hero 5, including tunes from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, AFI and the Editors.

The three packs will see release throughout the month on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Wii version of GH5 will have access to the following songs, but each will have to be downloaded individually.

Purchasing each pack will set you back 440 Microsoft Points ($5.50), while snagging single tracks will run 160 Microsoft Points ($2.00 or 200 Wii Points).

From the official announcement:

September 10

Street Sweeper Social Club Track Pack:

– “100 Little Curses”
– “Fight! Smash! Win!”
– “Somewhere in the World It’s Midnight”

September 17

AFI Track Pack:

– “Beautiful Thieves”
– “Girl’s Not Grey”
– “The Missing Frame”

September 24

Track Pack:

– Editors – “Munich”
– The Faint – “Geeks Were Right”
– Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Dull Life”

The selection here seems kind of underwhelming given Guitar Hero 5’s main selling point as the rhythm game most likely to piss off anyone ages 21 to 30.


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