Activision’s Robert Kotick discusses competitors and his own company’s growth prospects.

Portfolio magazine, a Conde Nast product, interviewed Activision Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Kotick about the challenges facing his company moving forward, such as the ongoing merger with Vivendi and increasing competition.

Kotick, who identified himself as “a worrier”, explained that his biggest preoccupations are “big and really well funded competitors – Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft. Our competitors have a natural advantage on their own platforms.”

Social networking was cited as another obstacle on Activision’s path. Kotick commented, “Figuring out how to make the game experience more fun than any one of a hundred Facebook applications is going to be a challenge.”

The publisher’s impressive earnings increase brought up the question of future prospects.

Portfolio: Activision’s growth has been phenomenal-over 80 percent in the past quarter. Is that sustainable? Analysts are expecting it to slow down.

Kotick: Historically, during the past 15 years, Activision has grown at rates greater than the market. I’m hopeful that our growth will continue to outpace market growth and that of our competitors.

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