Activision Deploys First Black Ops II DLC


A new game mode turns the tables on Zombies mode by letting you play as a zombie.

Revolution, the first of four downloadable content packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is now available for purchase and download. If you happen to be an Xbox user, that is. PC and PS3 users will have to wait until February 28 to dig into the DLC, which contains four new multiplayer maps, one new Zombies mode map, a new multiplayer weapon, and perhaps most interesting, a new mode for Zombies that allows players to play as a zombie. Revolution can be purchased separately for 1200 Microsoft points or as part of the Black Ops II DLC Season Pass bundle, which includes all four pieces of planned DLC for the game at a discounted rate.

Revolution’s four new multiplayer maps are set in different locations around the world. Downhill is a snowy alpine chateau, Mirage is a sand-devastated luxury villa, Hydro is a massive hydroelectric dam, and Grind is a skate park. Die Rise, the new Zombies mode map, is set in a series of abandoned Chinese high rises, and will feature all-new Wonder Weaponry. Also included in the pack is The Peacekeeper, a new SMG for use in all multiplayer modes.

Turned is the DLC’s new Zombies mode, in which three players will play as zombies against a lone human. If you manage to kill the human as a zombie, you will respawn as the human and then try to survive as long as you can. You can only earn points as the human, so it should make for an interesting take on what was easily the most entertaining addition Treyarch has contributed to the Call Of Duty franchise.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is the ninth game in the main series of Call of Duty games. It was produced by Treyarch, a company commissioned to make every “odd-numbered” Call of Duty, starting with Call of Duty 3 in 2006. Infinity Ward, the original developers of the Call of Duty franchise, make every “even-numbered” game, and the two developers release games in alternating years.

The Call of Duty franchise has been the source of controversy in the past, when former Infinity Ward studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella sued Activison, claiming that they were intentionally fired before they could collect royalties from the recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The suit was eventually settled out of court.

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