Activision Releases Wolfenstein “Motion Comic”

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With the release of Wolfenstein rapidly approaching, Activision has released a Sin City-style “motion comic” detailing the early exploits of the American super-spy B.J. Blazkowicz.

The video is styled after a hand-drawn comic, with a black, white and red color scheme that’s more than just a little reminiscent of Frank Miller’s work. The video begins with Blazkowicz’s capture at the hands of the Nazis, followed by his escape and eventual assassination of Mecha-Hitler, events made famous in the groundbreaking 1992 classic Wolfenstein 3D. But the video also talks about the Allied defeat of the Third Reich following Hitler’s death, an event which as far as I can recall hasn’t previously been alluded to in the series.

Fortunately for gamers who enjoy shooting Nazis, the collapse of the Third Reich was almost immediately followed by the rise of the Fourth Reich, which is using an analysis of Blazkowicz’s original attack as its “defense protocol.” Presumably our intrepid hero will have to overcome that protocol and save the world from the combined evils of Nazis and the supernatural by shooting a whole bunch of guys.

It’s a safe bet that the Wolfenstein story will be a little thin and this video certainly doesn’t shed any light on what we’ve got to look forward to. On the other hand, it is fun watching the events of the original game retold in a whole new style, including B.J.’s escape during dinnertime, even if it does lead one to wonder why it took 200 soldiers and a Tiger tank to capture him and yet they sent in one poor guy, all by himself, to deliver lunch.

Wolfenstein, in development at Raven for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is scheduled for release on August 4.

Update: Here it is! (Warning – Mature Content!)

via: MTV Multiplayer

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