Activision would love to port its Wii remake of GoldenEye 007 onto Nintendo’s newest handheld.

Despite rumor after rumor, the remake of N64 classic GoldenEye 007 that was revealed at E3 2010 was still sort of a surprise. It’s a Wii exclusive for now, but Activision producer Julian Widdows would have no problem bringing it to Nintendo’s 3DS should the opportunity arise.

Speaking to CVG, Widdows said: “Let’s put it this way I think we would all love to think that GoldenEye may make it onto the 3DS. Today we’re talking about the Wii, but yeah if you were at E3 and you played with the 3DS it’s a great bit of hardware and we’d love to see it on there. But we don’t know, there’re no plans yet.”

“I think if Nintendo approached us we’d consider anything,” he laughed. The remake is loaded with potential, and as we see in the latest trailer it looks to recreate the feeling of one-hit slapping matches and chastising friends for playing as Oddjob. Enjoying the GoldenEye 007 experience in 3D, or even just on a handheld would be pretty fun. Due to games such as a potential GoldenEye port, along with Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and the rest of the 3DS’s lineup, 3D is actually the last thing making me want the 3DS right now.

Source: CVG

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