There’s a hot new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer making the rounds that offers a little more insight into what drives Adam Jensen to do what he does.

Adam Jensen has anger issues. He also has cybernetic augmentations. In a sense, they both come from the same place, which may go a long way toward explaining why he is so dogged in his pursuit of the enemies of Sarif Industries. Whatever his motivations, the new “Revenge” trailer aptly demonstrates that he doesn’t mind kicking ass wherever and whenever he finds it, and he’s got quite a talent for it, too.

This trailer isn’t quite as stunningly cinematic as the huge, balls-out extended video than turned up at the end of 2010 but it’s still a fantastic piece of work. In fact, I’m beginning to worry that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailers are a little too collectively fantastic for their own good. The bar has been set so ridiculously high that if this game does anything less than cure cancer and reverse global warming when it hits the market, it’ll be a letdown.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out on August 23 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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