The confrontation between Apple and Adobe is heating up with the release of a new advertisement blitz decrying Apple’s decision to cut Adobe Flash support from its mobile line.

Adobe’s attack on Apple’s internet policies comes as the most recent maneuver in an escalating battle between the two companies. Initially sparked by Apple’s refusal to include Flash support in its products, the companies have been continuously coming to blows ever since. Apple maintains Adobe’s Flash program is shoddily constructed and causes Apple products to crash, while Adobe has accused Apple of being extremely restrictive in its policies on content, an accusation they have reiterated with their new ad campaign.

In an open letter, Adobe founders John Warnock and Chuck Geschke proclaimed their dedication to open systems, accusing Apple of instead favoring the closed system approach, controlling the content its consumers could access.

The growing spat between the companies has proved divisive within the industry, while some are lauding Adobe for taking Apple to task for its policies, others see this as a desperate, passive-aggressive attempt to turn the public opinion against Apple.

Source: Digital Trends

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