Adventure Time Sword Forged in Man At Arms

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Blacksmith Tony Swatton recreates Jake’s sword from Adventure Time and lets Smosh take it for a spin in the latest Man At Arms.

Blacksmith Tony Swatton takes requests every other week for his latest creation in Man At Arms. Bringing weapons from popular TV shows, movies, and games to life, Swatton built another sword from Adventure Time based on popular request. Having already made Finn’s sword, this time Swatton took on the task of recreating Jake’s sword.

Swatton explains his process of forging the sword, and the details differ for each project, making his time with Jake’s sword all the more interesting. Moving from the blade onward, a lot of care went into creating the eyes on Jake’s sword as well as the skull pommel. Swatton’s team breaks down which steps they do first and why. The eyes are two colors, red and yellow, and the team put down a yellow coat before carefully laying down the red coat. Swatton explains the tools and materials he uses without technical jargon.

Like always, Swatton and his crew put the blade to work, destroying watermelons, pots, and glass alike. This time, Smosh joined the action. You can see Smosh’s duo hold both Jake’s sword and Finn’s sword.

If there’s something Swatton hasn’t made that you want to see, he takes requests in the comments on the video. Now if only we could recreate Finn’s grass sword.

You can check out the rest of AWE Me’s shows on its YouTube page here.

Source: Man At Arms

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