Meet the fearsome revolutionary of Albion and his trusty adventuring companion, a poodle with one of those silly-looking floofy French cuts.

In Fable III as in Fable II, your hero has a faithful canine companion as he (or she) foments revolution in industrial-era Albion. It seems that Lionhead has realized that gamers really like their four-legged friends – perhaps from the outcry over certain events in Fable II – and so will be releasing an entire mini-DLC pack all about doggies.

The Dog Breed Pack, which releases today for 240 MS Points, will let players adventure with their choice of three different dog breeds: a Doberman pinscher, a German Shepard, and a poodle. One of those things doesn’t seem like the others.

Now, don’t get me wrong, poodles are pretty badass. They’re smart as hell, they’re incredibly fierce in a fight (especially if their master is in danger), and they’re very talented when trained. I’m not taking any umbrage with the fact that the poodle is there.

Just … why did they have to give it the French cut? Now nobody is going to take my fearsome battle-poodle seriously.

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