Adventurer! The Old School Revival Bundle of Holding Needs Your Help


What have we here? DRM-free .pdf RPG books, you say? Plus seven more titles if you pay over the odds?

Okay folks, you know the pitch by now so repeat after me: I solemnly swear, on my honor as an Adventurer, that the Old School Revival Bundle of Holding shall be mine, or I shall die in the attempt. Return with your shield or on it, is what I’m saying. For a mere $3.95 minimum you can get these old-school D&D style DRM free .pdfs: Tomb Of The Iron God, Swords and Wizardry – that includes the Eldritch Weirdness Compilation and the Reloaded editions – plus the OSR tool kit with all the one-page dungeon goodness and other useful tidbits you could wish for.

But let’s say that gold pieces bulge out of your backpack, and you feel the need to give over and above the odds. The current average is $13.68, and if you hand out more than that, then you get access to the bonus stuff. What treasures lie within? Adventurer Conqueror King, for a start, scribed by Alexander Macris, Tavis Allison, and some knave whose name I can’t quite make out. Greg Something-or-other, I think.

Perhaps that’s not enough for you. Well what about Demonspore, a race against time to stop Shroom cultists from establishing a new god? Stonehell Dungeon, a megacomplex filled with peril, and glorious loot? You get its two supplements as well, adding Brigand Caves and Buried Secrets to the mix. How about The God That Crawls, for those who like their fantasy touched with a little Weirdness? Or Vornheim: The Complete City Kit, for those times when the adventurers insist on crawling out of the dungeon and into civilization, in search of that rarest of treasures, a hot bath?

A portion of your payment goes to the Cancer Research Institute and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, so you’re not only plaguing your players, you’re also helping out some folks who really need it. This thing runs for three days and a bit, so go forth! The fate of the realm is in your hands, adventurer!

Source: Bundle of Holding

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