aero-x 350

The Aero-X from Aerofex is a consumer level hover vehicle that can get you airborne for just $85,000.

We first reported in 2012 that hover vehicles were in development by Aerofex, an aerospace engineering corporation. At that time, the company wasn’t planning on a manned version, but that seems to have changed. Hovering up to twelve feet and reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour, the Areo-X hover vehicle is “an off road vehicle that gets you off the ground.”

The Aerofex website lists safety features that include vertical takeoffs and landings, ducts covering the carbon fiber fans, a roll bar, and optional air bags. It is possible for the Aero-X to be modified for different needs, such as surveying, search and rescue, disaster relief, or just fun flights.

The hoverbike can carry two people and can travel for an hour and fifteen minutes using standard automobile fuel. Unfortunately, it can’t carry more than a 310 pound load, so you probably won’t be able to carry your R2 unit and protocol droid with you.

Of course, we likely won’t be replacing our cars in 2017 with hoverbikes or landspeeders. Still, the Aero-X is a step towards hover vehicles that are effective, accessible, and affordable. The consumer version of Aerofex’s hoverbike is available to reserve for a $5,000 deposit, with a final price of $85,000. The Aero-X is expected to take off in 2017 and requires “just a weekend of training.” You can see an older version in flight here.

Source: Aerofex website

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