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Ahsoka Hides a Devious Star Wars Easter Egg on Baylan Skoll

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A fan found an Easter egg on Baylan Skoll’s wrist in Ahsoka that references the characters of the original three Star Wars films.

On X, user @Nira_592 decoded the Aurebesh — which is a writing system in the Star Wars universe — to reveal the names Luke, Leia, Han, R2-D2, Han, Chewie, and C-3PO from the original trilogy, as well as Ben, presumably a reference to Leia and Han’s son in the sequel trilogy. It’s not clear at this time what that could mean, though there’s a lot of speculation that it may be a hitlist of some sort.

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In Ahsoka, Skoll is a survivor of Order 66, the purge that saw Emperor Palpatine wiping out the Jedi Order. Since then, he’s turned to the dark side of the Force, and has been training Shin Hati as his apprentice. Together, they’ve been working with Morgan Elsbeth to bring Grand Admiral Thrawn back from the far reaches of space. Over the course of the series, Skoll has proven himself a formidable warrior and actually bested Ahsoka Tano in combat.

Ahsoka follows the titular former Jedi as she and her apprentice, Sabine Wren, attempt to stop Elsbeth from bringing Thrawn back, as his tactical genius is a massive threat to the New Republic. Along the way, they’ve encountered such old allies and enemies as Hera Syndulla and Anakin Skywalker. Recently, the series also revealed what happened to Ezra Bridger at the end of Star Wars Rebels, when he sacrificed himself in an attempt to stop Thrawn. Reception to the series has, overall, been positive, though I’ve seen a lot of critiques that it can be quite confusing to those who aren’t Star Wars super-fans.

New episodes of Ahsoka release Tuesdays on Disney+. The next episode of the series will be directed by Geeta Patel from a script by Dave Filoni.

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