Aion‘s Absurd Custom Keyboard


Looking forward to NCSoft’s Aion when it hits at the end of the month? Check out this ridiculous custom keyboard designed specifically for the winged MMORPG.

Now, there are custom models – a new paint job here, a logo there – and then there are custom models. The newly unveiled SteelSeries Aion Keyboard is definitely the latter.

This thing is hardcore: Though the left part of the keyboard seems mostly untouched, the right portion has been thoroughly Aion-ized. In the place of the good ol’ numpad (sorry, no efficient number-crunching for you!) lies a selection of Aion-specific keys, and a glance at the hi-res image reveals such goodies as “Spread Wings,” “Add Friend,” “Block Player,” “Alert,” “Alliance,” and “Group Invite.” There are also specific keys that can be assigned to emotes, so if you’re the type who really wished there was a “/spit” button in WoW or a “/teabag” button in Halo, this keyboard might be right up your alley.

Presumably these keys are also rebindable for other games as well. Otherwise, you better be really, really sure that you’re going to love Aion lest you get stuck with a 69-button paperweight.

Aion hits on September 22nd.

(Via VG247)

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