Alan Wake Fans Launch Internet Petition

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Alan Wake fans unhappy that the PC version of the game has been shelved have, shockingly, launched an internet petition asking Microsoft to clarify its position and release a PC version as soon after the Xbox 360 launch as possible.

The internet demands justice, but it needs your help! As we all know by now, Alan Wake began life many years ago as a PC game but, thanks to the twists and turns of fate, will launch next year as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Remedy, the studio behind the game, initially implied that the PC version would be delayed before admitting a week later that it might not happen at all.

That news didn’t sit well with fans of the game and you know what happens when gamers get angry: They start internet petitions. This one, created by German fan site, asks that Microsoft explain why it canceled work on the PC version, that it release a statement to “express [its] point of view on the situation,” whatever that means, and that it “strongly consider” releasing the game for the PC with as little delay as possible.

“We, your most loyal fans of Alan Wake and Remedy, don’t want Microsoft Game Studios’ history to repeat,” the petition pleads. “Halo 1 was originally announced as a PC title, went to being an Xbox exclusive and finally came out more than a year later on PC. Not only did it [do] far worse with critics because of a bad port, very few actually even cared about it anymore. Alan Wake deserves to have a different fate! It lies in your hands! Don’t disappoint your customers around the world!”

Internet petitions take a lot of grief for being utterly futile expressions of nerd rage, but keep in mind that it was a lowly internet petition that recently brought the entire German government to its knees. Okay, I might be overstating the matter a bit, but you never know how things will work out. So quit complaining and sign it!

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