All things Alan Wake are now available for whatever price you want to pay.

If you’re a PC gamer who for some reason hasn’t gotten around to doing the Alan Wake thing, today is a good day, for today is the day that Remedy’s psychological thriller about a novelist with writer’s block who takes the worst vacation ever begins its week-long sale on the Humble Bundle store.

And I’m not just talking about Alan Wake here. This is the Alan Wake Collector’s Edition, with bonus content including The Signal and The Writer episodes, developer commentary, an illustrated book in PDF format and the soundtrack. I’m also talking about Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the follow-up that comes with a soundtrack of its own. I’m talking about supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity. And I’m talking about all of that at any price you want to pay.

The Alan Wake bundle also includes exclusive, previously-unreleased content including original screenplays, comic books, an “extended collection of concept art and photos,” early demo videos, hi-res art, music videos and, it is implied, even more stuff than that. What else do I need to say? How about this: The Alan Wake Bundle comes in both Steam and DRM-free flavors, so you can download and play it however you like. (As long as you like it on Windows, of course, since that’s the only supported platform.)

The Alan Wake Humble Bundle sale is live now and runs until the early afternoon of May 29. I strongly suggest that you do not miss it.

Source: Humble Bundle

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