Alan Wake: Man vs. Combine Harvester


Microsoft has just released a new clip of Alan Wake footage that shows the eponymous hero tackling the Combine harvester from hell. Or, just a regular Combine harvester.

Remedy’s Alan Wake was in development hell for a good half-decade, so the idea that the game might actually be coming out? Well, it’s no wonder that people are eagerly jumping on every scrap of gameplay footage that Microsoft lets slip from its iron-fisted grip on its throne atop Fortress Redmond.

In this latest bit of gameplay footage, aptly titled “Harvester of Sorrow,” novelist Alan Wake (who is having a very weird couple of days) is attacked by a Combine harvester. No, Valve fanboys, this isn’t a crossover with Half-Life, I mean an actual Combine harvester. Is it a ghost harvester? Is it a harvester from hell?

Whatever it is, it looks kind of silly when it hits him and just bounces off – but apparently, all the footage we’ve seen of the game thus far has been with God Mode turned on. Hopefully, if Alan actually gets hit by the thing it’ll kill him (as it, y’know, should), because fighting evil Satanic harvesters that can’t kill you by running over you means that the psycho-thriller-horror-whatever is suddenly much less psychological, thrilling, and/or horrifying.

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