Aliens‘ Xenomorph Hive Goes LEGO in Awesome Build


LEGO builder Missing Brick has created a brilliant brick rendition of the Xenomorph Hive from Aliens.

Despite having some lesser entries in its portfolio, the Aliens franchise is still considered by many to be one of the biggest film series in sci-fi. And honestly, even considering some of the franchise’s flops, it’s not hard to understand why. Alien and Aliens were both monumental films that thrilled moviegoers and pushed the boundaries of both horror and action. Simply put, there’s a reason they’ve remained as popular and beloved as they have over the years.

And the funny thing about being loved like Aliens, is that sometimes fans will go the extra mile to show their affection. Take LEGO builder and Flickr user Missing Brick. A big fan of the Alien movies, they’ve spent the past few years using their skills to recreate many of the film’s iconic scenes. We’ve showcased their work in the past and now, we’re happy to report that they might produced their coolest build yet: a recreation of the Marine expedition into the Xenomorph hive.

While Missing Brick didn’t provide an abundance of details about the process of building their version of the Hive, all it takes is a quick glance to know that it probably took a butt-load of work. We suspect it to be especially true in this case, thanks to the difficulty that can accompany imitating the curving, organic look of something like the Xenomorphs with generally hard-edged LEGO bricks. Check out Missing Brick’s version of the hive as well as some of their other recent Alien-centric creations and let us know what you think.
Source: Flickr

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