Alienware is offering a promotion where gamers can trade in an old Xbox 360 or PS3 for $200 cash-back on any Alienware purchase.

With the next-generation of consoles just around the corner, PC manufacturer Alienware has decided to jump in on those looking to upgrade by asking “why not PC?” The company’s $200 cash-back program, which previously only applied to used PC hardware, has now been extended to include the Xbox 360 and PS3. That means if you buy an Alienware PC or laptop, you can send in your old console and get $200 cold, hard, cash. Not bad, considering a brand new PS3 costs around $270.

To be eligible for the program, gamers must first purchase a piece of Alienware hardware, then go to this website, where they will enter in some information (including the receipt number) and get a quote.

Players then log into the Alienware Trade Website, enter their bank account information, ship their trade-in console or PC to Alienware, and then sit back and wait for the cash to arrive. Alienware notes on the site that it could take up to 40 days for the trade-in cash to appear in users’ accounts.

It’s a pretty good deal, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better trade-in offer for your old console. However, Alienware computers have historically known to be quite overpriced. I would shy away from its desktops (as there are much cheaper options out there) and simply take a look at the gaming laptops it has available.

Source: Alienware

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