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All Accessibility Options in Lies of P

Here's a breakdown of all of the accessibility options in Lies of P, though the selection certainly leaves something to be desired.

Lies of P has you, as Pinocchio, taking on an army of murderous puppets. It’s an old fashioned robot revolution but with a 19th century twist, complete with Laws of Robotics style rules that, unsurprisingly, end up being broken. But what if you have a disability or some other barrier that gets in the way of your gaming experience? If you want to know what are all the accessibility options in Lies of P, I’ve got the answer.

Here Are All ofLies of P’s Accessibility Options

Lies of P doesn’t have a dedicated accessibility menu section, and its accessibility features aren’t as extensive as, say, Mortal Kombat 1. There are subtitles, for example, but there’s no way to adjust their size. But there are options that could be considered accessibility friendly, even though they’re not labelled as such.

  • Subtitles on/off
  • Horizontal and vertical camera movement speed
  • Invert horizontal and/or vertical camera
  • Alter left and and right stick sensitivity
  • Remap joypad buttons

That’s it, mostly. To really do well at Lies of P you have to Perfect Guard, which requires split-second timing. That could, potentially, be a barrier to someone with motor skill issues. But there’s no “easy mode” or other option that makes that action simpler.

Those then, are all of the accessibility options in Lies of P.

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