All Achievements in Minecraft Legends
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All Achievements in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive is the latest entry into the Minecraft universe. This time, the game offers a blocky take on the real time strategy genre. For some gamers, there’s nothing quite like racking up a whole bunch of achievements, so we’ll be going over all the achievements that you’ll be able to collect while playing Minecraft Legends

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How Many Achievements Does Minecraft Legends Have?

There are a total of 30 different achievements that you can unlock throughout your time playing Minecraft Legends. We’ve sorted them into a list by Gamerscore values.

10 Gamerscore

Ridin’ the Grain Train

Spend 2 minutes buffed by speed wheat in a single world.

Impressive Gifts

Complete the tutorial.

20 Gamerscore

Riding in Style

Ride all of the different mounts in a single world.

Working Together

Play a game of co-op.

I Can See My Village From Here

Spend 20 minutes buffed by bouncecaps in a single world.


Glide for 30 seconds consecutively on the Big Beak or Brilliant Beetle.

The Way of the Sword

Defeat another player with your sword in Versus Mode

Excitable New Friends

Forge an alliance with the creepers.

Unnatural Aim

Forge an alliance with the skeletons.

They REALLY Like That Flower

Forge an alliance with the zombies.

Bounty of the Overworld

Gather 1,000 wood and stone and 125 iron, coal, redstone, and diamond in a single world.

Feed the Flames

Gather 2,400 lapis in 30 minutes or less in Versus Mode.

Banner Expert

Give 25 orders from Banner View in a single world.

One Boom at a Time

Give 10 individual orders to creepers from Banner View in a single world.

30 Gamerscore

With Light Comes Hope

Destroy the Night Beacon Base.

Resource Reinforcements

Open 5 Allay Chests in a single world.

Soothe the Scars

Cure 20,000 netherrack blocks in a single world.

40 Gamerscore

Became the Hunted

Defeat The Beast.


Defeat The Unbreakable.

More Than It Could Chew

Defeat the Devourer.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Build all the different improvements at the Well of Fate in a single world.

No Time for Swine

Defeat 1,000 piglins in a single world.

Are These Made of Nether Wart?

Destroy 250 Piglin buildings in a single world.

50 Gamerscore


Destroy a base in under 7 minutes!


Defeat an opponent with less than 10% of your HQ’s health remaining in Versus Mode.

Bringing Out the Big Blocks

Construct 3 host towers within attack range of one another.

All-Star Cast

Collect all the Firsts in a single world.

Full Force

Give an army of 80 mobs an order.

60 Gamescore

Defender of the Overworld

Defeat The Great Hog.

100 Gamerscore

Legendary Hero

Defeat the campaign on Legendary.

That covers all of the achievements available in Minecraft Legends. There are plenty of easy ones in there that will see you racking up Gamerscore very quickly! 

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