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All Actors in Saw X

Here is a list of all of the confirmed actors in the cast of Saw X, the horror movie that makes Jigsaw slightly more likeable.

After Jigsaw and Spiral, the Saw series is back to roman numerals with Saw X. This entry steps back in time with Tobin Bell’s John Kramer chasing a radical new cancer treatment. Things go well and.. I’m kidding of course, there’s plenty of trap-based gore ahoy. But Tobin Bell aside, who else appears in this movie? If you want to know who are all the actors in Saw X, here’s the answer.

List of All Confirmed Actors in the Saw X Cast

  • Tobin Bell – John Kramer / Jigsaw
  • Shawnee Smith – Amanda Young
  • Synnøve Macody Lund – Dr. Cecilia Pederson
  • Steven Brand
  • Michael Beach
  • Renata Vaca
  • Joshua Okamoto
  • Paulette Hernandez

Tobin Bell is John Kramer aka Jigsaw, the serial killer who features in most of the movies. His appearances haven’t always been credited, but in Saw X he’s set to have a substantial role.

Shawnee Smith also returns as Amanda Young, Jigsaw’s accomplice. Or, at least, she’s one of them. Over the years the various Saw movies have revealed so many accomplices that Jigsaw probably had to give them a dental plan.

Synnøve Macody Lund, a newcomer to the series, plays Dr. Cecilia Pederson. Is she a real doctor? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. But the treatment she offers is, as revealed in the trailer, bogus, and she and her team of shysters have just cheated Jigsaw. I’m sure they’ll all hug it out.

Could there be any surprise cameos? It’s possible. At the very least, Saw movies tend to end on a twist. Though with the series the way it is, there aren’t a lot of characters left standing. So, if you were wondering who all of the actors in the cast of Saw X are, that’s what you need to know.

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