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Saw X Teases Brain Surgery Trap in First Trailer

Saw X Teases Brain Surgery Trap in First Trailer

Tobin Bell is back as John Kramer a.k.a. Jigsaw, and he’s more blood-thirsty than ever in the first trailer for Saw X. If this first footage of the tenth entry in the horror franchise is proof of anything it’s that there’s still life in its creative torture devices. Even Bell’s take on the series’s antagonist is still kicking, as the trailer sets up a story that takes place between the events of the first Saw and Saw II. The story sees John Kramer travel to Mexico to partake in an experimental procedure that will, hopefully, cure his cancer. However, the procedure turns out to be a scam concocted by a group of nefarious surgeons. Unfortunately for them, Kramer also happens to be a serial killer, and they’re his next victims.

The Saw franchise is known for its torture traps, and it looks like Saw X will fit right in. Today’s trailer is a bloody look at what’s to come, but the highlight has to be one device that asks a man to perform brain surgery…on himself. It’s pretty clear that Kramer is perfectly capable of tearing these evil doctors limb from limb on his own. However, the trailer ends with a clip that teases the return of Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Young. You can Amanda and Jigsaw reunite in the Saw X trailer below.

Saw X cuts into theaters on September 29, 2023. Stay tuned for any updates – and hopefully a closer look at some of those traps – before its release.

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