Ahead of its launch this week, Blizzard has revealed all of the Blackrock Mountain cards.

Blizzard has been trickling information on its upcoming Hearthstone expansion pack: Blackrock Mountain ever since it was first announced at PAX East. Now, just a few days ahead of its April 2 launch, Blizzard has gone ahead and spilled the beans on every single card that will be featured in the singleplayer adventure.

Check out all 31 new cards below:

All-in-all, some pretty cool, alongside some pretty… questionable cards are in there. It also looks like every class will be getting two class-specific cards, as opposed to just the single one they received for the Naxxramas adventure.

I’m personally interested in Majordomo. Become Ragnaros? That sounds pretty damn awesome. I wounder what his hero power will be?

Source: Facebook

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