All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

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Harry Potter fans will soon be boarding the Hogwarts Express and embarking on the adventure they’ve been waiting years to experience in the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. Avalanche Software‘s highly anticipated game will drop players into the Wizarding World from the books and films, giving fans their own story to write. With a new adventure come plenty of new characters for fans to meet in the Harry Potter universe, along with a few recognizable fan favorites, and we will cover all of them in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG that drops players in the role of a 5th year student at Hogwarts in the late 19th century. The earlier setting allows players to “live the unwritten” — the tagline of the game — and experience an original story unbound by the constraints of well-established lore from the books or films. Early in the game, you’ll discover that your character has special abilities and can master Ancient Magic easily. From there, you must choose your path: to make choices that will either cement your legacy as a force of good or send your character down a dark path. On the way, you’ll have companions and acquaintances from both Hogwarts and the general Wizarding World to help you — or stand in your way.

All the Hogwarts Legacy Characters

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

All the characters you will encounter in Hogwarts Legacy fall into four different categories: Hogwarts students, Hogwarts staff, villains, and characters from the general Wizarding World. Some characters will play a significantly larger role in the story than others, like the students you will be able to befriend as companions on your journey and the professors who will play a large role in the narrative as the story progresses. Others, like some ghosts in Hogwarts or characters found in Diagon Alley, likely play a much smaller role in the overall story but add to the immersion of being in the Harry Potter universe.

Hogwarts Students

It’s the students that make Hogwarts come alive, and the school will undoubtedly be full of fellow classmates when you enroll in 2023. Four students, one from each house, stand out as potential companions in the story, while others will play smaller roles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Natsai Onai

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy Natsai Onai

Natsai Onai transferred to Hogwarts from Uagadou in Africa, which is the largest wizarding school in the world. Her mother is the Divination Professor in Hogwarts Legacy, presenting the possibility that both characters will play a significant role in Natsai’s questline as a companion. Of note is that Uagadou students don’t use wands, as wands are mostly exclusive to Europe and not used by wizards in Africa, so Natsai could potentially introduce our protagonist to wandless magic in Hogwarts Legacy. She is extremely loyal with a strong inclination to do what is right, so Natsai Onai is about as Gryffindor as you can get, even in the 19th century.

Poppy Sweeting

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy Poppy Sweeting

Another companion you can befriend, Poppy Sweeting is a Hufflepuff that specializes in magical creatures. This makes sense, given Hufflepuffs’ propensity for being patient and caring, and Poppy’s focus on creatures opens a lot of doors in Hogwarts Legacy. One of the very first marketing releases for the game saw students riding on a Hippogriff, a skill that could easily be part of Sweeting’s questline. In addition, the developers have promised a wealth of creatures around the Hogwarts grounds in the game, and Sweeting’s knowledge could provide additional insight to your character, which could be especially valuable when facing enemy creatures over the course of the story.

Sebastian Sallow

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian Sallow

As the Slytherin companion in Hogwarts Legacy, Sebastian Sallow naturally has a mischievous streak but has a lot of charisma and is compassionate towards those close to him. So far, we know that Sebastian will teach you the Cruciatus Curse should you choose to follow his storyline, but there is a lot more to Sebastian than that. He might actually be the most sympathetic character so far, given the amount of his backstory that has been released. Sebastian’s sister is ill, and in his efforts to help her, he has turned to dark magic as his best chance to save her. Players will have to decide whether to help Sebastian or not as he edges ever closer to a dark path.

Amit Thakkar

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy Amit Thakkar

The final potential companion for players revealed for Hogwarts Legacy, Amit Thakkar represents everything we know and love about Ravenclaw. He is extremely intelligent and well-read and has a passion for astronomy, with plans for his first memoir already in his head. He is also loyal and does not hesitate to help a friend in need, but he would rather be documenting the action than taking part in it.

Other Hogwarts Students

  • Hector Weasley
  • Hector Jenkins
  • Nellie Oggspire
  • Nerida Roberts
  • Constance Dagworth
  • Zenobia Noke
  • Leander Prewett
  • Lucan Brattleby
  • Imelda
  • Everett

Hogwarts Staff

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, you know that the professors always play a significant role in the story, and Hogwarts Legacy should be no different. We know a lot about the professors at Hogwarts in 1890 by now, and they should play varying roles depending on what you choose as your focus.

Aesop Sharp

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy Aesop Sharp

A Slytherin, Aesop Sharp is the Potions professor in Hogwarts Legacy and specializes in “battle worthy draughts and elixirs.” In all likelihood, you will be learning valuable skills to use in Hogwarts Legacy combat from Professor Sharp, who used to be an Auror at the Ministry of Magic but stepped away from that position due to injury. Sharp has a gruff nature and is known for having little patience for students who engage in mischief in his classroom.

Mirabel Garlick

All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy Mirabel Garlick

Hogwarts Legacy’s Herbology professor is a character with a “sunny demeanor and flowery language,” which is about what we’d expect from our Herbology teacher in a Hogwarts game. She was sorted in the the Hufflepuff house as a student after growing up in a household of Muggles, and her time at Hogwarts was the first time in her life that she truly felt that she fit in. As a result, she has a fierce dedication and commitment to the school, despite students’ fears that she will eventually leave for brighter horizons. Mirabel specializes in magical plants.

Abraham Ronen

Abraham Ronen is the Charms professor in Hogwarts Legacy, and he brings his lighthearted and jovial personality to Room 2E on the third floor of the school. Ronen was a Slytherin in his time at Hogwarts and apparently has a passion for games, especially Gobstones — he even met his wife at a Gobstones tournament. The contradictions in his personality and backstory give Ronen a lot of possibility for a significant storyline in the game.

Dinah Hecat

Everyone knows that the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts is cursed, but that couldn’t possibly apply to a sweet old lady, could it? Dinah Hecat served in the Ministry of Magic throughout her career and took the role of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor when she retired. She is a very hands-on instructor and may not be completely sweet and innocent, as she has a Hebridean Black skeleton hanging from the ceiling of the classroom.

Cuthbert Binns

Cuthbert Binns is the History of Magic professor at Hogwarts, and he died prior to 1890 in his sleep but continued teaching the History of Magic class when he became a ghost. He continued to teach the class into the time period that Harry Potter attended Hogwarts, until almost every student dropped his class after completing the Ordinary Wizarding Levels.

Natsai Onai’s Mother

We don’t know her first name yet, but Natsai Onai’s mother is actually Professor Onai, Divination instructor at Hogwarts at the time that Hogwarts Legacy takes place. When Professor Onai received the position, she transferred her daughter Natsai to Hogwarts as well.

Eleazar Fig

We don’t know a lot about Professor Eleazar Fig yet, but what we do know makes us think he could be a significant part of the Hogwarts Legacy story. A somewhat enigmatic professor, we know that he played a role in investigating a goblin rebellion in 1890 with assistance from a Hogwarts student.

Phineas Nigellus Black

The great-great-grandfather of Sirius Black, Phineas Nigellus Black was the Headmaster of Hogwarts during the time that Hogwarts Legacy takes place. Sirius described him at one point as the least popular Headmaster the school had ever had, so it will be interesting to see how Phineas’ character will be portrayed in the game.

Other Characters in the Wizarding World

Whether they’re at Hogwarts or elsewhere, Hogwarts Legacy looks to be loaded with minor characters that add to the lore or create new stories for you to experience. Some might be involved in quests, and others might be there simply to add to the immersion in the game. Here are all the other characters we know about so far in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Fastidio
  • Penny
  • The Fat Lady
  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • Peeves
  • Deek
  • Cassandra Mason
  • Ranrok
  • Highwing
  • Victor Rookwood
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