All Playable Gods in Smite 2 Closed Alpha Test

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With over 100 Gods to play in the first game, developer Hi-Rez had to be wise when choosing which Gods would be ported to Smite 2 first. With an initially quite modest roster, here are the currently playable Gods in the Smite 2 Closed Alpha Test, and the ones we know are set to release eventually.

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All Playable Gods in Smite 2

As of the first Closed Alpha Test, there are 14 playable Gods in Smite 2, with more announced for future tests. They play similarly to their first game iterations but with enough changes to make them feel like fresh characters.


The Egyptian god of war, Anhur is back to his spears and his traditional pillar, which has now an even stronger slow than in the original.


Another Egyptian returner is the god of the dead, who received a few changes to his own survivability in the new entry, as well as having a more powerful Ultimate.


The Greek goddess of Wisdom is here bringing all of her usual defensive capabilities to the battlefield, with even more utility to her fellow divinities.


Bacchus’ presence always brings a special joy to the battlefield, alongside his trustful cask of wine — and also a lot of debuffs to enemies while buffing himself immensely.


War is also the name for Bellona, and she makes sure to encourage her fellow warriors to head into battle. Not without properly protecting herself in the process.


The Celtic god brings the forest’s fury and natural disruptions to battle, with slightly different scalings from what he previously had.


Storms will fall upon the god of rain’s opponents, so get ready to face the thunder’s retribution. And with even more base sustain, thanks to his buffed passive.


From Norse mythology, Fenrir leaps ahead into the competition with his ruthless slashes and even more powerful skills, which all received some love in the second game.


The great serpent is back with its powerful crowd control abilities and fierce wind attacks, and now has even some more tricks into its sleeve.


The god of trickery proves to be even trickier in this second title, with gaining skill resets on kills as one of Smite 2‘s most impactful changes to Loki.


The Egyptian weaver of fate entangles her foes within her threads, exposing them to her allies’ assaults while empowering herself.

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Odin’s always eager to take a front position to the battlefield, and his Valhalla passive now caps earlier, giving him more power without needing to see other gods fall next to him.


The firstborn of the Norse brings everything to halt with his slowing abilities and reckless assaults, which Smite 2 enhances even further.


The father of all gods brings his thundering might to the battles in Smite 2, with Zeus being faster than ever and able to deal out more stuns than ever before.

Upcoming Gods in Smite 2

There are a total of five upcoming Gods for Smite 2. They should be available by the time the full game is officially released. However, nothing is stopping them from being included in future closed test periods. At the time of this article’s most recent update, though, we only know one of them.


A new god for Smite 2, Hecate isn’t available just yet as she’s still going through final adjustments. We did get a glimpse of her skills, but everything is still subject to change.

More gods might make their way into the game in the future. While it could take a good while before all previous gods from the first game make their debut in Smite 2, there’s at least a good amount of older cosmetics that you can get until then.

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