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All Renown Activities in Diablo 4

Here is a full explanation and list of all of the activities in Diablo 4 to collect Renown: Waypoints, Strongholds, Side Quests, and more.

While playing Diablo 4 by Blizzard Entertainment, you’ll come across a whole host of activities and things that you can do in each main area of the map. Several of these activities reward you with a resource called Renown that increases your standing in each region and grants some nice rewards for hitting certain Renown point milestones. From skill points through to Paragon points, you’ll be wanting to garner Renown to unlock these rewards — so here are all of the different activities to watch for in Diablo 4 to collect Renown.

All the Activities to Complete in Diablo 4 for Renown Points


Collecting all the Waypoints in each region is not only highly recommended to make fast traveling around the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 easier, but it also rewards you with a healthy 20 Renown points for each Waypoint you unlock. So make sure you keep an eye out for these and don’t forget to go up to them and give them a click to unlock them.


Strongholds are tough encounters. However, in addition to providing a good source of some experience and loot, they also net you a hefty 100 Renown points each, making them worth doing if you find your character strong enough to take them on.

Side Quests

Side quests aren’t always the most interesting content and often comprise simple gathering or kill quests. That being said, they are a good source of experience and provide 20 Renown points each, which is great because there are usually over 20 per area to complete.

Here is a full explanation and list of all of the activities in Diablo 4 to collect Renown: Waypoints, Strongholds, Side Quests, and more.

Areas Discovered

Each location is made up of a ton of different areas, and exploring all areas in a location is something that you’ll complete a lot of passively as you complete other content in the area. Each area discovered contributes 5 Renown points, and there are usually more than 50 areas per map location — so these can add up pretty quickly.

Side Dungeons

Side Dungeons are set encounters you can complete. They are quite rewarding in terms of experience and loot, so they’re well worth completing and also award 30 Renown points per dungeon completed.

Altars of Lilith

You’ll find Altars of Lilith spread throughout various areas of a location. There can be quite a few of them, and they provide a buff when you claim them — so they’re always worth stopping to grab. They also provide 10 Renown points per Altar.

That covers all of the activities that provide Renown across the many locations in Diablo 4. Make sure you keep these activities in mind throughout your journey through Sanctuary as rewards like skill points and Paragon levels can be pretty huge boosts to your characters!

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