Team Fortress 2 got an actual update, so here are all of the TF2 patch notes for the Summer Update 2023, with some good fixes.

All TF2 Patch Notes for Summer Update 2023

Team Fortress 2 is still going strong, 16 years after its initial release, and to help it keep it fresh, a TF2 Summer Update is here. Alongside some new cosmetics and user-created maps, Valve has issued a TF2 patch that fixes a handful of bugs and tweaks a couple of maps. If you’re wondering precisely what issues the Team Fortress 2 update addresses, here are all TF2 patch notes for Summer Update 2003.

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Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Summer Update 2023 Patch Notes

This new patch fixes several issues, some of which could, if exploited, have given players an unfair edge. That’s not to say the game is horribly unbalanced, far from it. After all, Valve has had over 15 years to get it right, but bugs do crop up.

For example, using the High Five Taunt could cause the Engineer to freeze, which, in a game where you can be sniped in the face, could well be fatal. On the other end of the spectrum, the Teufort Tango was spent wrong.

The maps cp_gravelpit_snowy, cp_steel, and cp_mossrock have also been tweaked, to scrap potential exploits, fix clipping issues, and more. My favorite fix has to be “boosted volume of snowman explosions”. No one wants quiet snowmen, except maybe Raymond Briggs.

A smaller, additional patch has also been issued, the day after the original TF2 Summer 2023 patch, so here are all of the patch notes for both patches:

Small patch:

  • Fixed a client crash related to audio and the new taunts
  • Fixed Red being able to enter the Blu spawn room on pl_cashworks
  • Fixed a transparency issue with the Hard Carry Unusual effect
  • Fixed missing contributor for vsh_distillery
  • Fixed spelling for the Taunt: Teufort Tango

Large Summer 2023 patch: 

  • 14 new community maps: Sharkbay, Rotunda, Phoenix, Cashworks, Venice, Reckoner, Sulfur, Hardwood, Pelican Peak, Selbyen, VSH Tiny Rock, VSH Distillery, VSH Skirmish, and VSH Nucleus


  • Security and stability improvements
  • Fixed the Mann vs. Machine upgrade panel closing after receiving a matchmaking party invite
  • Fixed an exploit related to the ConTracker and being able to move/shoot while it’s deployed
  • Fixed the Strange Count Transfer Tool not being able to transfer stats for Sandvich items
  • Fixed the Engineer not being able to move for a short period of time after doing The High Five taunt
  • Fixed missing No Headphones style for the Universal Translator
  • Fixed Engineer teleporter audio that was referencing the dispenser by mistake in Spanish
  • Fixed incorrect alpha channels for the Smissmas 2021/2022 Cosmetic Case models
  • Fixed the Winter 2019 War Paint Case not being shown in the Mann Co. Store
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated pl_enclosure_final to fix localization issues
  • Updated cp_gravelpit_snowy
    • Boosted volume of snowman explosions
    • Added occluders to C to improve performance
    • Improved clipping
  • Updated cp_steel
    • Prop collision cleanup and improved player clipping
    • Explosive splash bug collisions on stairs, props, etc., around the map
    • Spawn point issues (collision, prop blocking, clipping, etc.)
    • Fix Pyro door exploit on A
    • Fix choke and spam issues into Blu & Red spawns
    • Fix Pixel walk collision issues
    • Fixing ceiling clipping and stuck spots including exploits
    • Clean up geometry in spawns, the spawn locations and their exits
    • Fix roof readability issues, with sticky and rocket jumping
    • Fix rare double death bug when falling into pit
    • Fix Cliff stuck spots and ledges in E pit
    • Removed head glitch tele spawn on A-B connector
    • Fix rare overtime cap bug
    • Fix Red team getting stuck in spawn door to A
  • Updated cp_mossrock
    • Fixed numerous perch points
    • Fixed players being able to get under Blu spawn
    • Fixed a location where a teleporter could be build out of the map
    • Fixed collision on rock near final point so it is more accurate to the visuals
    • Fixed lots of small visual bugs
    • Fixed some small exploits
    • Improved optimisation

There are all of the TF2 patch notes for the Summer Update 2023, and now you’re armed to get back into the Team Fortress 2 action.

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