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All Voice Actors and Characters in My Friendly Neighborhood


My Friendly Neighborhood asks the question, “What if Sesame Street was evil?” And then it sends your repairman into the evil puppet studio to sort things out. You’ll meet Ricky the Sock Puppet, Norman the Not Ernie, and many others. But which actors bring these Mupp… er… puppets to life? Here are all the voice actors and characters in My Friendly Neighborhood.

The Cast List for My Friendly Neighborhood

You play as human repairman Gordon O’Brien who, unfortunately, is on his last warning (for attitude), so he can’t really turn down this job. As Gordon, ‘your’ voice is provided by voice actor and YouTuber Tom Schalk. Ricky the Sock, the game’s semi-antagonist is played by Arlo. No, there’s no last name there – Arlo is another YouTuber and streamer who records as a blue puppet. Though in this game he’s a sock puppet. 

No, don’t think about it too much. It’ll only make your brain hurt. In the same way that Gordon never really asks why the puppets can move on their own, some questions are best left unasked. 

Norman, one of the first two first puppets you can run into, is voiced by Leo Wiggins (who has voiced characters in some of publisher DreadXP’s other titles). Meanwhile, Pearl, who isn’t as threatening as you might initially think, is played by Lindsay SheppardAs for the other characters? Here’s a list of every character and who voices them. Oh, and if you’re wondering why three actors voice one character, well, you’ll find out. 

GordonTom Schalk
Pearl Lindsay Sheppard
Ray Paul Greene-Dennis
GobbletteBlythe Melin
ArnoldE.G. Simmons
CurtainGianni Matragrano
The AmalgamMarissa Lenti, Tom Lafin, Emily Fajardo
Norman Leo Wiggins
Junebug Natalie Roers
LenardJoshua Cookingham
George Kamran Nikhad
LiliannaErin Blaber
Hand, Randy, and Pig E.G. Simmons
DogsLindsay Sheppard

There are also some live action segments, such as the talk show/reality star section at the beginning of the game. The following actors feature in those:

Talk Show GuestKatie Thompson
Talk Show HostFrank Tipping
Newscaster – Rachel Nicely
Reality Star – Radio DJ Brad Wingler
All About Space Narrator Gianni Matragrano

The name Gianni Matragrano may be familiar if you’re a Duke Nukem 3D fan. He wasn’t in the game but he does a fantastic Duke Nukem impression, second only to the actual voice actor, Jon St. John.

So if you were wondering who all the voice actors and characters in My Friendly Neighborhood are, that’s the full list.

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