Here is a list of all of the voice actors in 110 Industries Wanted: Dead, including Stefanie Joosten, who was Quiet in MGS5.

Wanted: Dead puts you, as Lt. Hannah Stone, in charge of a ragtag crew of police officers known as the Zombie Squad. But you might be wondering just who voices these to-hell-with-the-rules cops? Let’s share the list of all the voice actors in Wanted: Dead.

A List of All Voice Actors in Wanted: Dead

The voice actors featured in Wanted: Dead, alongside the character they play, are as follows: (Two of them have a Hideo Kojima connection.)

  • Fee Marie Zimmerman – Lt. Hannah Stone
  • Stefanie Joosten – Vivienne Niemantsverdriet
  • Sergei Kolobashkin – Doc
  • Tony Clark – Sgt. Arnold Herzog
  • Marios Gavrilis – Sgt. Manolo Cortez
  • David Wurawa – Cpt. Albert Simmons
  • Ildiko Preszly – Izabella Kolchak
  • Andres Mendez – Mustafa Mercer
  • Luisa Wietzorek – Madam Wong
  • Kristi Hughes – October
  • Martin Heckmann – Richter
  • Mark Rossmann – Mr. Holiday
  • Rebecca Steinberg – Warden
  • Sebastian Matthias Weißbach – Newscaster
  • Eric Asch – Frankie
  • Peter Talbot – Australian Narrator
  • Marc Oliver Schulze – Doctor
  • Jason Steffan – Interviewer

Fee Marie Zimmerman is Lt. Hannah Stone — she’s a model and actress, and this appears to be her first major game or movie role. Stefanie Joosten, who plays Vivienne, the game’s gunsmith, might be a little familiar to Metal Gear Solid fans. She played Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, though here she’s not jumping out of helicopters or breathing through her skin. She’s also the Lead Cinematic Director at 110 Industries, the company that published Wanted: Dead.

You won’t have seen Sergei Kolobashkin (Doc) in any Hollywood movies, because he’s not a career actor; he’s the founder of 110 Industries. Marios Gavrilis (Sgt. Manolo Cortez), like Stefanie Joosten, has a Hideo Kojima connection. Along with other roles, he played Sam Porter in the German version of Death Stranding.

The Zombie Squad’s captain is David Wurawa, who’s been acting since the mid ‘90s, and we’re sure he’s an accomplished actor. However, he was also in a fantasy show called Wienerland, which we’re never not going to find funny.

So what about the Japanese voice actors? There aren’t any. Wanted: Dead has been developed by Soleil, a Japanese team, but there’s no Japanese voice acting. Going into the menu and switching the language only changes the subtitle language, not the voice language.

Those then are all of the voice actors in Wanted: Dead.

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