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Fans of Monster Hunter finally have a competitor in the unique action RPG monster-hunting genre that the Capcom series has been dominating since the first entry released on PlayStation 2 in 2004. The new game Wild Hearts from EA has you exploring the land of Azuma, inspired by feudal Japan, and hunting a huge variety of vicious monsters that are called Kemono. Along with a ton of cool gadgets assisting your traversal and all-new traps, there are plenty of melee and ranged weapons your hunter can take along for these fights. Here is a list of all the weapons Capcom has revealed in Wild Hearts.

Named Weapons in Wild Hearts

The Karakuri

One of the major selling points of Wild Hearts are these new items called Karakuri, described as ancient technology that your player discovers and is able to wield the power of. The Karakuri can be as basic as a wall you can hide behind, but there are more game-changing ones that could easily shift the tide of the fight. Some awesome Karakuri at your disposal are gadgets like the Flying Vine, a crossbow that shoots ziplines for you to ride on, and the Pounder, a stun trap that looks like it was plucked right out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

The Claw Blade

This is a single-handed sword attached to a claw with a lengthy chain. You will be able to clutch the monster with the claw, then pull yourself close to it and unleash a flurry of quick attacks, not unlike Monster Hunter’s Dual Blades. The grapple feature on this weapon is an interesting take on a weapon class and will make it even harder for your prey to escape you.

list of all weapons in Wild Hearts EA Originals Koei Tecmo Omega Force

The Cannon

If you prefer keeping a safe distance and biding your time until you release a devastating charged shot, you’ll want to check out the Cannon. This weapon shows off a variety of firing modes including standard blasts, auras that bolster health or damage, and a massive green blast that we can only describe as a fantasy laser / rocket launcher hybrid.

The Karakuri Staff

The staff is an interesting weapon in Wild Hearts that seems to appeal to players who like to change their style on the fly. Its standard form is an unassuming rod on your back with blades at the end, but your character spins it around with prowess and can even separate them for a dual-blade type setup here. However, you can also activate a Greatsword mode and release attacks with a cartoonishly big blade that appears at the end of your rod.

Karakuri Katana

This was one of the first weapons we saw in use from a lengthy Wild Hearts gameplay trailer. The combat with the katana looked similar to that of the Longsword in Monster Hunter, but a different fight later in the trailer showed an alternate combat stance that seemed faster or occasionally showed the blade turning whip-like for a few slashes.

list of all weapons in Wild Hearts EA Originals Koei Tecmo Omega Force

Bladed Wagasa

This is a very cool new weapon type, with Wagasa being a term for Japanese paper umbrellas. A weaponized parasol is exactly what the Bladed Wagasa is! It will have a unique defense mechanism by facing the parasol toward monster attacks, which is definitely a cool spin on a traditional sword and shield.


We haven’t seen the Bow in action yet, but a faster and more agile ranged option will be available for hunters who don’t like the size of the Cannon.


It wouldn’t be a Monster Hunter-type game without an absolutely gargantuan Greatsword in the mix, and the Nodachi is the option for Greatsword fans here. Get ready for some huge damage numbers, if you can land the weapon’s slow, arcing shots.


This weapon is pretty self-explanatory: It’s a big hammer! If it has any similarity to the Monster Hunter Hammer, it will be a slightly more mobile option for people who like to hit hard but can’t handle the patience required to master a Greatsword.

These are all the weapons that have been revealed in Wild Hearts.

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