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(Alleged) Pros at Cons


LoadingReadyRun is not a huge con-going group. We love cons, but the intensity of our production schedule (4 weekly series!) means it’s pretty difficult to interrupt our schedule for a con, especially if trans-continental travel is involved.

However, this month we got a chance to go to not one but two excellent local cons, Gottacon and Tsukino Con, so we decided to film the LRR panel experience. As you can see in the video, the panel at Gottacon-a purely gaming-focussed convention-wasn’t as highly attended. Simple fact is, any of our local fans who would come to a gaming convention are going to be more interested in, you know…playing games. Especially when they can probably count on seeing us every other day at our local gaming shop.

Some fun trivia about LRR con appearances:

? In 2010/2011 I started telling a particularly naughty joke as filler, should our panel get off to a slow start due to technical difficulties. If Graham was having trouble getting his laptop to display, I would tell this joke to kill time. I cannot reprint it here, but some members of the Escapist forums may have heard it. Ask them!

? We have filmed segments for two separate LRR videos while doing LRR panels! I feel the only appropriate addition to this piece of trivia is this: http://memegenerator.net/instance/15068305

? Matt has never made us late for a panel by taking an excessively long shower. While he is fond of long showers, he is also fond of punctuality.

? After many years experimenting with our panels at PAX, we’ve discovered the optimum arrangement for a LRR panel is to do a panel later in the evening and then immediately start a screening block right afterwards. This means we get up to four hours of time to show videos, chat, hang out and sign things like this.

Our next two live appearances are at PAX East 2012 in Boston on April 6,7 and 8 and the Calgary Comic Expo in Calgary, Alberta on April 27, 28 and 29. More details are here!

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