A teaser trailer for fan film Beyond Black Mesa sees the return of Opposing Force’s Adrian Shepherd, as he strikes out against the combine.

Gordon Freeman wasn’t the only person the G-Man pulled out of hibernation to fight Wallace Breen and his alien masters, at least not according to a team of amateur film makers from Birmingham, Alabama.

In Beyond Black Mesa, Adrian Shepherd – who was last seen in the Half-Life expansion Opposing Force – has been let loose by the G-Man and has joined the human resistance. The teaser trailer sees Shepherd fleeing for his life as Combine forces hunt him down. Unfortunately, Shepherd isn’t the luckiest of souls, as he runs right into the head crab infected city of Ravenholme.

The trailer is pretty short, but the team behind Beyond Black Mesa was also responsible for the rather impressive Concrete Hustle lightsaber duel video, so it should have some impressive action scenes. You can read the background of the movie, as well as get a look at some behind the scenes pictures, by visiting the Beyond Black Mesa website.

Source: Koku Gamer

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