AMD Phenom II Processor Breaks World Record for Overclocking


A team of engineers has successfully overclocked a 3.2Ghz AMD processor to run at over twice its original speed.

The processor, a Phenom II 955 Black Edition, was successfully overclocked by a group known as LimitTeam to an astounding 7.1Ghz. The team consisted of overclockers going by the names Sigh, Qooitry and Ultra40. The overclocking is a world record for a multi core CPU.

But what else was under the hood?

“The team used ASUS M4A79T Deluxe motherboard, ATI Radeon 4800 series graphics card and 2x2GB of DDR3-833 memory by Apacer Technology.” And “[…] a HyperTransport base clock of 250 MHz.”

The team also used a few tricks to achieve the record speed:

“Both the graphics and memory were seriously underclocked to achieve as high clock as possible, with processor eating all the juice that motherboard was able to give.”

The Phenom II processor has become popular CPU choice for overclockers because of its strong manufacturing process and solid architecture. Sorry if that sounds vague or promotional because honestly I’m in over my head trying to describe the specifics here.

If LimitTeam wants a real challenge though, I dare them to get my busted old desktop to run Crysis without updating anything. I’ll even settle for 1024×768 and low textures.


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